Exodus House
Temporary Sheltering for Youth and Runaways

Exodus House, IYS’ short-term shelter, is the only voluntary homeless/runaway and foster youth shelter program in Klamath County, Oregon. Exodus House, operating 24-hours a day, provides shelter, food and other services for an average of 50-70  youth per year.

Youth are given physical and psychological safety, structure and supportive relationships with highly trained and experienced staff. Exodus House also offers youth a safe and structured environment to sleep, eat, socialize, recreate, study, and plan for the future with positive adult role models and peers with a focus on trauma informed care and collaborative problem solving. All services are provided regardless of the youth’s gender, culture, ethnicity, income, religious beliefs, social or sexual preferences. Services and housing at the shelter are free of charge.

Exodus House works hand-in-hand with a variety of other Integral Youth Services programs to provide comprehensive support and enable a model of care designed to meet a wide range of needs. These programs, along with collaborative community partners, allow youth to make positive choices that prepare them to become engaged constructively in their communities and society.

Exodus House is located at 303 Washington Street, and their direct line of contact is (541)884-2319

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