Meet the Team

Our Directors

Craig Schuhmann
Executive Director
(541) 850-7385

Craig Schuhmann earned both a BA and MA in Theology from the University of Portland. He has 24 years of professional experience in faith based non-profits, beginning in 1998 with the Archdiocese of Portland as the Outreach Director of the Downtown Chapel in Portland, Oregon. Craig joined the team at IYS in 2008. “Working for years with both homeless youth and homeless adults has given me a full spectrum perspective on the issues surrounding homelessness and poverty.” In his spare time Craig is a fly-fishing guide and published freelance writer and author. He is also the editor of Fly-fishing & Tying Journal. He has been living in Klamath Falls with his wife and daughter since 2004.

Bethany Osborn
Operations Director
(541)882-2053 ext. 105

Bethany is currently attending college to finish her degree in Business Management and Administration. Before joining Integral Youth Services, Bethany grew up in Montana. She worked for a diverse branch of organizations, including Wells Fargo, Parkside Credit Union, and the VFW over 15 years.  Bethany is the mother of two boys and is no stranger to life’s challenges. She was an unaccompanied youth at the age of 14. Couch surfing was just a way of life. With the guidance of a few caring adults, she was able to get her life on track and overcame many obstacles. This fuels her passion to help struggling youth and their families.

“IYS has made the difference in so many lives, including my own. I knew this is where God wanted me, paying forward kindness and hope. I am living proof that when you surrender to God and His will, the sky is the limit.”

Our Team

Taylor Hampton
Development Director
(541)882-2053 ext. 103

Taylor Hampton is currently completing her BA in Marketing and Communications at Oregon Tech. She loves to be involved in the community and typically sees herself volunteering at multiple Non-Profits on the weekends. She loves building relationships with people in the community and tries to stay involved. Taylor is a new mom, who loves film and the outdoors, so when she isn't working in the community, she is typically filming projects, traveling with her son, or kayaking.

Gigi Zendejas

Programs Director
(541)882-2053 ext. 104

Gigi is a passionate person who truly loves the work she does and the involvement she gets to be a part of in her community through her work at IYS. She moved to the town of Klamath Falls in 2018 from California where she was born and raised and completed her schooling, which was achieving a degree in Criminal Justice. Moving to Klamath Falls has been a lovely change of scenery and her admiration for the community has grown since. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family at home, participating in the Klamath Falls community events, and taking time to travel to see her family back in California.

Nicholas Heneisen
Workforce Director

Nick moved with his family from rural Georgia to Oregon in January of 2022. Years of battling severe depression had led him to the realization that he needed to get away from his situation and forge a new start elsewhere. He arrived in Klamath Falls and immediately began working to ensure that he and his children’s lives would be better off here than where they came from. In the process, his family received help from a variety of social programs including IYS, who offered him a job shortly thereafter. He got his start in Exodus House before becoming manager of the IYS Work to Learn program.

Previously, Nick has had experience in various positions within the healthcare field as well as office administration, data analysis, and retail. Outside of work, he is a hobbyist blacksmith and enjoys hiking and playing video games with his family.

Our Team

Brayanna Montgomery
(541)882-2053 Ext. 10

Brayanna moved to Klamath when she was 12 to help her sick grandmother. Her family faced poverty, homelessness, and hard times growing up, and she came to IYS in a time when she felt hopeless. Brayanna knew from a young age that she wanted to work with at-risk youth in the community and found her passion to be helping others. Joining the IYS team has been a major step for Brayanna heading into the career path that she has always dreamed of. On her off time, she loves spending time with friends, going on adventures with her partner and pup, and attending local events! Brayanna is currently studying at KCC, and has even had some stories through school published in the Basin Life Magazine.

Melinda Austin

Executive Admin Assistant
(541)882-2053 Ext. 116

Melinda moved to Klamath Falls back in 2003. Her husband being in the military means moving around a lot, which is how she wound up in the Klamath Basin! They ended up loving it here, and decided to stay to raise their family. Melinda has six children and eight grandchildren. Her passion is her kids and the kids of the community which is what made her a great fit at IYS. In her off time, she enjoys continuing to travel, spending time outdoors, and going to the beach. Melinda loves to build relationships and helping those in need.  

Pam Glaser

Book Keeper
(541)882-2053 ext. 102

Pam was born in California, and moved to Oregon at age 28. Her and her husband moved to Rocky Point in 1992, where Pam was an at home mother for 20 years and raised her family. When rejoining the work force, Pam began working toward her AA in Marketing. She started working at IYS in June of 2020. In her off time, she enjoys traveling with her family, and visiting California. 

James Gonzalez

Mobile Hub Driver

Alec Kalevicoglu
Work2Learn Manager

Alec Kalevicoglu was born and raised in Grants Pass, Oregon. He started his career in the medical field as an EMT, getting his training from a similar work to learn program with a non-profit called Mercy Flights. After a change in heart, he worked many jobs from milking cows to pickling cucumbers. In May 2022, Alec started a homestead in the mountains out past Sprague River and found his way back into the non-profit world with IYS. He enjoys being outdoors, archery, and spending time with his dog.

Jasper Calk
John's House Manager/ McKinney-Vento Liaison

Jasper Calk is a recent graduate earning a BSHA with minors in Psychology and Health Informatics from the Oregon Institute of Technology. He has 5 years of professional experience in office management while working with youths on the Oregon Tech campus and 3 years of Experience as a Resident Advisor (R.A.) at Shasta Community College. He has been living in Klamath Falls since 2017 and joined the team at IYS in 2022.

 “Working on the Oregon Tech campus with first generation and low-income students has given me a unique opportunity to offer guidance and success counseling to a wide variety of youths at IYS.”

 This experience combined with life endeavors has offered him the chance to learn of life’s many challenges and provides his main drives to get more helpful resources to the community and improve lifestyles. This experience has made him a great fit as John’s House Manager and part of the team at IYS.In the past years Jasper has developed a strong admiration for the Klamath Falls community, loves the work he does, building relationships and enjoys taking in the scenery while explORing Oregon. In his spare time Jasper loves to spend time with his family and playing with his bunny, Carl.

Megan Pierson
Independent Living Program Coordinator

Megan Pierson was born in Bend, Oregon and has lived in the Klamath Basin for the past ten years. She was placed in foster care at age fifteen, where she first began working with IYS as a youth, and her experiences have led her to a passion for reaching youth in crisis and transition in her community. Megan is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree in education through Southern Oregon University, and her long-term goal is to teach high school English. She enjoys creating paintings, drawings, and other original designs, as well as reading, writing, and spending time traveling or at home with her family.


“IYS helped me take control of my life when I felt like my whole world was in chaos, and now that I have grown from that chaos, I’ve been given the opportunity to reach youth who might be in the same place.”

Christopher Whisenhunt
Exodus House Manager

Christopher was placed into Foster Care at the age of 12, and by the age of 14, knew he wanted to have a career that involved helping youth in some form. He graduated with his Associates Degree from KCC in General Psychology, and is currently working on his Bachelor's Degree with Oregon Tech to eventually become a therapist. Christopher moved to Bend to work for JBarJ Services and discovered his passion and comfort in working with at-risk youth and moved home to Klamath Falls to work at Exodus House. In his off time away from work, he enjoys reading, kayaking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.