Who We Are

“The most important part of IYS is being able to take youth one step further than they were when they walked through the door.”
Bruce Beeson, Retired Executive Director
Making sure our youth has a better future

Integral Youth Services started with a group of social workers who wanted to make a difference in the Klamath Falls Community. What started with a simple card table on the side of the road, signing up youth for services in the late 80's, and has progressed into what IYS is today.

Since the beginning, we strive to engage with community partners to develop strong programs to help not only engage our community in a healthy atmosphere, but encourage a positive support system for our youth. Our programs benefit those that are ages 1-18 years old.

Integral Youth Services is a faith based organization that started in 1988 and has been actively engaging in the Klamath Community for over 32 years. Since 2005, IYS has been able to impact and change the lives of over 26,000 youth. IYS has local Outreach and Life Skill Development programs to help provide long term and short term support to our local children.

Our Core Values

Our Mission – At Integral Youth Services, our mission is to Honor God in Offering Hope to Youth, Providing For Their Needs and Mentoring Toward Positive Choices and Healthy Relationships.

Our Vision – Integral Youth Services is a Faith-Based organization providing intervention services and lifestyle alternatives to at-risk youth and their families; with a mandate to be a cooperative and facilitating community player with other organizations with similar goals.

Our Values – We are accountable to all whom we interact with.  As such, we are committed to modeling our values every day; to each other, to our youth and families, to our Partners and the community at-large. Through prayerful consideration and considerable deliberation, our Staff, Leadership Team and Board of Directors have adopted the following…


  • Honor Christ
  • Family
  • Mentoring
  • Accountability
  • Ministry
  • Grace
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
Filling the Gaps

At Integral Youth Services, our programs are created to fill the gaps and meet the needs of the community. Because of our long standing relationship within the community and with youth, when we see data arise, we see the need, and we implement programs to remove barriers. 

We acknowledge the war on poverty is an ongoing battle that impacts the majority of our community and strive to increase accessibility and making connections to local resources for youth and their families.