Located at 620 North 11th Street

Runaway Hotline: (541)884-2319

My Friend’s Place is the only voluntary youth shelter program in Klamath County, Oregon designated for homeless, runaway and DHS foster youth ages 10-17. IYS’ short-term shelter operates 24-hours a day, providing shelter, food and other services for upwards of 21 days at a time.Services and housing at the shelter are free of charge.

Building Blocks for Success


Safe Space

My Friends Place offers youth a safe and structured environment to sleep, eat, socialize, recreate, study, and plan for the future with positive adult role models and peers with a focus on psychological and physical safety. All services are provided regardless of the youth’s gender, culture, ethnicity, income, religious beliefs, social or sexual preferences.



Continuum of Care

My Friend’s Place works hand-in-hand with a variety of other IYS programs to provide comprehensive support and enable a model of care designed to meet a wide range of needs. Staff are trained to provide Trauma Informed Care, and work off of trainings including Crisis Prevention Intervention, Collaborative Problem Solving, and more.




Permanent Solutions

My Friend's Place works alongside collaborative community partners to allow youth to make positive choices that prepare them to become engaged constructively in their communities and society. Family Reunification, building support systems outside of the agency, and offering positive life skills are only a few ways which IYS engages youth in creating successful exit plans.

Find us at our New Location!

This is a non-restriction and safe place where youth in need of emergency sheltering can come anytime 24/7 365 days a year. The shelter has moved to a new location at 620 North 10th Street near Klamath Union High School. Look for the dark green house with the plain yellow flag!

Youth Shelter