Work2Learn is a youth and young adult work experience program which focuses in on building soft skills to obtain permanent employment with an emphasis on exploring careers and finishing education. This program offers both year-round employment which lasts up to 24 months for ages 18-26, and summer employment which lasts 8 weeks for ages 14-26.

IYS accepts applications for Work2Learn year round! Download the application and submit it at our main office on 115 North 10th Street, or via email to

Year-Round Employment

The Work2Learn Year-Round program is up to 24 months of work experience which focuses in on building soft skills for permanent employment while gaining credit towards secondary education with Klamath Community College. Year-Round crews work full time in Fire Mitigation in partnership with the Oregon Department of Forestry and Oregon Youth Corps. 

There are finer details to each of these that the youth will learn, from how to fill out different forms such as a W-4, and the proper identification needed to work. Employment skills include implementing work ethic such as showing up on time, dressed accordingly, and ready to work with a team. Work crew members will also be responsible for following all on-site job duties as required depending upon the site. Soft skills learned in the program include but are not limited to:

  • Critique of Application/ Interview Skills
  • are also trained in CPR and First Aid, and
  • Hiring Process and Orientation
  • Learning safety rules and best practices
  • Time Card Management
  • Gaining skills of multiple specific positions
  • Learning about the different tools to use for jobs
  • Proper care and maintenance for tools
  • Communication Skills
Summer Employment

The Work2Learn Summer program is 8-10 weeks of work experience which focuses in on building soft skills for permanent employment while gaining hours towards partial high school elective credits. For 180 hours of working in the Work to Learn program, High school youth will receive one high school credit.

The Summer crews triple in spot availability and crews. These members work closely with community partners which currently include:

  • Klamath City Water Department
  • Klamath County Watershed Council
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Fremont/Winema Forest Service
  • Oregon Youth Corp
  • Klamath Community College

The most rewarding part of this program is watching the youth and young adults gain the confidence and knowledge to be able to go out into the work field and become a viable working asset to society.