IYS recognizes that services for youth don't end once they become an adult. Providing for needs, mentoring toward positive choices, and establishing healthy relationships can lead into services beyond adolescence. This is why IYS offers a Transitional Living Program for young adults, ages 18-24, who are experiencing homelessness or are aging out of DHS Foster care services. Program participation averages 6-18 months with the focus of residents gaining independent living skills and a plan for a successful entry into adulthood.


Applications must include at least one letter of recommendation from school officials, mentors, or professionals who can speak on behalf of your qualifications. (No friends, family, or program participants.)

What is Transitional Living?

The IYS Transitional Living Program supports young people facing housing uncertainties to become self-sufficient adults. This is done in the following ways: 

  • Providing 6-18 months of residency in one of the IYS facilities.
  • Connecting residents to permanent community supports
  • Peer to Peer mentoring
  • Rental Readiness
  • Program requirements include participation in Independent Living Program
  • Focus on employment or education success.
  • Common living space is fully furnished, and on-site computers provided.
  • Each resident rents a room that is their own space, that can be paid by subsidized or Chafee Funding
Our Approach to Services

Young Adults recieve more than residency while residing in our houses, they recieve 12 segments of skill training modules to ensure that their exit from our programs is a successful transition into adulthood:


Our Houses

IYS has multiple houses which our residents stay and learn in. When young adult applications come in, the IYS Case Manager will work with the student to determine what the best fit for them is: