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Give Back: 

Giving Back at IYS isn't always donating out of pocket! There are many opportunities to give. Here are some options below:

Bottle Drop: Bring your cans into IYS, and we will donate for you! If you have a Bottle Drop account set up, you can also send payments directly to “Integral Youth Services”

AmazonSmiles: Shop with AmazonSmiles and Amazon will contribute to IYS for you

Fred Meyers Rewards: As you shop and save, Fred Meyers will give back a small portion of the savings to IYS as well!



Integral Youth Services relies heavily on our Volunteers to help us help our community. Volunteers at IYS can determine where their skill set, time, and experience is best fit through our tiered ambassador program:

Tier 1: “Friends of IYS”

  • 2-30 volunteer hours a month
  • Attend special events once a month

Tier 2: Mentorship

  • 3-15 volunteer hours a month

Tier 3: Projects Professionals

  • 10-50 volunteer hours a month
  • Design events to match IYS annual outreach/fundraising goals
  • Plan events monthly with the intent of meeting annual goals

Tier 4: Ethics, Equity, and Inclusion

  • 15-60 volunteer hours a month
  • Attend debates on current ethical, equity, and inclusion issues happening within the organization

Tier 5: Alumni

  • 5-15 Volunteer hours Monthly
  • Must be an individual or parent of an individual who has received services from IYS in the past
  • Engage in a network of individuals with similar backgrounds

IYS appreciates all who volunteer and once a month choose a “volunteer of the month” with a shout out on social media. 

For questions or to learn more, email or call (541)882-2053

Ready to start Volunteering?

IYS is a non-discrimination organization and accept volunteers of all backgrounds. If you are wanting to volunteer and are under the age of 18, we will need a parent or guardian's permission to do so.