Work to Learn Crew Member

Must be 14-20 Years old to apply

160 hours in the program earns student members a half credit in recovery or elective credits.

Pay: $13

Start as early as May, Season ends in August

Basic Responsibilities

  1. Participate in daily work assignments, cooperate with other team members and follow crew leader’s instructions. If partnering agencies have liaisons working with the crews at the site, both the Crew Leader and Crew Members are to follow their requests and guidelines for completing the assigned work.
  2. Exhibit a positive attitude towards team members, crew leader, partner liaisons, and any one from the community.
  3. Use “safety first” while operating/using all tools and equipment. Follow crew leader’s or partner agency liaison directions for safe use of all tools and equipment.
  4. No cell phones or music will be allowed during the workday. Exception: At lunch time or during breaks. These are a safety hazard when working on job sites, especially when using power tools and equipment.
  5. Fill out time sheet daily, recording the correct amount of hours worked each day.
  6. Responsible for complying with agency policies and procedures as presented in writing and/or by verbal instruction during the Work to Learn Program orientation and throughout the summer work program.
  7. Must provide a written testimonial of your experience by the last day of work.


  1. Depending on crew assignment, there are age qualifications. General age served is 14-21 years old.
  2. Must have the physical abilities to perform strenuous physical labor.
  3. Be willing to work as a team member with a positive attitude.
  4. Must provide picture ID, Social Security Card, or proof of legal resident as required by law for the hiring process.(Please ask for assistance if you do not have the required documents, we may be able to help you obtain them!)
  5. Arrange for your own transportation to and from the designated pick up/drop off site.
  6. Must be able to provide your own lunch. The Summer Lunch Program provides lunches, but it may not be enough on its own.
  7. Must have appropriate work clothes. Good sturdy boots with an 8-inch top are required. If you do not have the required boots, then let us know; we may be able to secure some boots for you.