Work to Learn Crew Leader Position

As the Youth Work Crew Leader, you will be expected to lead and work alongside youth on projects.

Job Type: Seasonal 32-40 Hr/ Week

Pay Rate: 15+/Hr

Start as Early as May, Season ends in August


  1. Responsible to coordinate all the daily operations of three-to-four-member work crew.
  2. Maintaining Proper COVID-19 Safety measures as directed by company.
  3. Delegate responsibilities to crewmembers, maintain crew discipline and establish crew morale.
  4. Responsible for the safe completion of assigned work projects. Instruct crew members on safe work practices, proper use of tools, work quality and efficiency of production.
  5. Responsible for maintaining daily work reports for assigned site.
  6. Working with our designated community partner liaison on projects assigned to the crew.
  7.  Crew leader holds all Time sheets.  Time sheets are to be filled out daily by the individual team member and Crew Leader assuring that the time sheets are filled out accurately reflecting actual hours worked for each individual on the team.  The time sheets are to be turned in weekly.
  8. Immediately report any accidents or incidents that may occur to the crew lead, and file written report with IYS.  If the crew lead is not available, then the accident or incident must be reported to Programs Director, and if not to the P.D., then to the Executive Director.
  9. Responsible to learn the skills necessary to operate all required tools/equipment in a safe, efficient manner.
  10. Responsible to maintain vehicle and equipment following IYS Policy and guidelines.
  11. Maintain Maintenance Sheet with crew member’s assistance.
  12. Transport youth in a safe manner, complying with current laws and IYS Policy.
  13. Responsible to comply with agency policies and procedures as presented in writing or by verbal instruction at the Summer Work Crew Orientation and throughout the summer work program.
  14. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Must have a minimum of a high school diploma. Previous outdoor work crew experience is preferred.
  2. Must have current First Aid/CPR certification by summer start date. (provided by IYS)
  3. Must have valid Oregon Driver’s License, and acceptable driving record during the last three (3) years and meet IYS insurance standards.
    1. Must have been driving for 5 years
    1. Must have had no alcohol or drug related charges in the last 5 years
  4. Pass a Criminal Background Check.
  5. Must have the physical abilities to perform strenuous physical labor.
  6. Must have a positive attitude about participating as a team member.
  7. Must be able to start work on time daily.

To apply, please bring full resume and cover letter to 115 North 10th Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97601 or email