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Integral Youth Services strives to provide access to community services to youth and their families through the use of the new Nutrition Hub Program. Families will be able to come in and get signed up for WIC/SNAP benefits, OHP, get produce and additional resources as the summer comes in. Check back to our site to see additional posts and updates!

for more info and to make reservations, email us at or call us at (541)851-3212

Site Schedule and Events

Classes and Events are scheduled but can change. To get started in any of our free courses, sign up using the form found here:

Buddy Reading Program

The Buddy Reading Program is back, and will be running January 10th-June 17th. The goal of this program is to teach youth about sustainable living while also combatting reading loss and deficits in youth. 

There will be classes on Mondays and Fridays from 3PM – 5PM. It is not required for youth to come to both. 

Our first time doing this program was during the summer of 2021, and from all the youth who participated for the entire ten weeks, nearly all youth doubled their reading score. To Learn more about the program or to sign up, visit Buddy Reading.

Park & Play Education Sessions

Park & Play Education Sessions are a way to give youth the ability to participate in fun and engaging ways after school. This program is currently running Mondays and Fridays from 3PM-5PM. There are different activities every 30 minutes so youth are not required to be there for the full time. 

Nutrition Hub

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