Getting Involved
We Rely on the Support of Our Community

VOLUNTEER working directly with youth at our Youth Center or in our HELP, Independent Living programs.

SHARE A SPECIAL SKILL or provide training to our youth by facilitating learning sessions or educational field trips for our Youth Center, HELP, Independent Living programs.

SUPPORT FUNDRAISING EVENTS by sharing the gift of your time, energy and creativity, or special event services.

PROVIDE A SERVICE to support our programming, such as IT support, graphic design, data entry, administrative support etc.

DONATE SUPPLIESĀ  AND / OR ITEMS to our programs, such as clothing, school supplies, hygiene products, office supplies, gas cards, gift cards etc.

Make a FINANCIAL GIFT in support of our youth programs.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with IYS, please call

(541) 882-2053 or send an email to

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