Feedback4Good Campaign

For the past three years, IYS has hosted a Feedback4Good Campaign in partnership with HundredX. This year, the campaign runs from April 2nd, 2023 – May 2nd, 2023! For each survey completed, IYS will get $2! That means, if all 75 surveys are completed, a person can raise up to $150 for IYS

Get ready to give back your feedback to your favorite (or least favorite) companies while generating dollars to IYS. It is a pretty simple process, to get started, follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up by texting CONTRIBUTE to 90412 or by going to
  2. Choose Integral Youth Services as your organization
  3. Fill out the about you section
  4. Start leaving surveys on some of your favorite brands, stores, and more!
  5. Complete 75 surveys and send us the evidence

Once you have completed all 75 surveys, IYS will give you free coffee and a letter stating volunteer time with the organization.

Note: There is a 25 surveys a day limit, which means this will take at least 3 days to complete.