Our Response to COVID-19

Integral Youth Services is taking all the precautions directed to us by the CDC in order to continue operating. Our office is not currently open to full outside access, but we are doing our best to ensure the safety of our staff, the youth we serve, and the community around us. Each department is equipped with hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes and we are cleaning community areas three times weekly, and as we see fit. All program instructors have taken CPR and First Aid certifications to learn about how to safely interact with the community as well once it is safe to do so.

Here are some of the ways the rest of the programs have prepared for COVID-19, and how we plan to ensure the safety of our community:

Independent Living Program:

The ILP has been holding sessions remotely via Skype sessions, and has been working on different team building exercises remotely as to ensure the safety of the children. Social Distancing has been key for this program, and we are working to determine in person meetings once it is safe and what they will look like.

Summer Work Crew:

The Summer Work Crew had a late start into this summer, there was wait for Phase 2 initiation. The crew has been CPR and First Aid certified, and is required to wear masks and safety equipment on site while still practicing social distancing. Each team consists of under 5 members, and they work closely with the outdoors.

Transitional Living Program:

Our Transitional Living Program is not yet up and running, once we are in the process of restarting this program, we will have more updates injunction to the transitional living program and CDC Regulations.

Homeless Education Liaison Program:

Since it is currently summer, our Liaison program is not currently in session. If people are in need of assistance, they should call our main office at (541)882-2053 and let us know so we can connect them to one of our experts via phone. Meetings are on a one on one basis. We are not currently accepting donations for our clothing closet as we can not ensure the safety of those receiving the clothes. We can however still offer our clothing closet to those who need it, please call us at (541)882-2053 so we can prepare for your arrival and sterilize.

Summer Lunch Program:

This year will be a little different for our Summer Lunch Program. Since we cannot do congregated sittings, we have been serving 7 meals and 7 snacks to each kid to take home at once. Our kitchen staff is required to wash hands periodically, and wear gloves and masks when preparing food and helping the drivers prepare their bags to take out to the sites. Our drivers are responsible for bringing a table to their sites to have the bags ready to go on, and navigating traffic to stand 6 feet apart and be patient with them as they help each family. The drivers are required to wear masks and gloves and help ensure social distancing at the sites.

Exodus House:

The Exodus house has just finished a large deep cleaning in the house, and all of their staff has completed CPR and First Aid Certification. They have turned an office into a “quarantine room” and have completely remodeled the area so it is clean and untouched ready for if a youth in need of shelter also needs their own secluded area.

For questions about COVID-19, please continue to watch cdc.gov

Testing is free to all that need it, and we have been ensuring our staffs safety by enforcing that they go get tested if they begin to feel sick or ill, and we are ready to alert the public with any updates in regards to COVID-19.