John’s House
Transitional Living Program

John’s House is a co-ed Transitional Living Program for youth ages 18-22 in Klamath County and is open to those who are aging out of the Foster Care system. Youth are required to attend monthly meetings to discuss program progress, address upkeep as necessary, and learn transitional independence skills. The program is not limited to but includes: 

  • Stay is 6-18 months long
  • Connecting residents to permanent community supports
  • Peer to Peer mentoring
  • Rental Readiness
  • Program requirements include participation in Independent Living Program
  • Focus on employment or education success.
  • Common living space is fully furnished, and on-site computers provided.
  • Each resident rents a room that is their own space, that can be paid by subsidized or Chafee Funding

Applications must include at least one letter of recommendation from school officials, mentors, or professionals who can speak on behalf of your qualifications. (No friends, family, or program participants.)

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