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Summer Lunch Program
Free Lunches for Kids who Need it

The Summer Lunch Program will be continuing into the winter! We will be able to serve the community from September 29th, 2020 – August 31st, 2020

Integral Youth Services is a sponsor for the annual Summer Lunch Program which has been a large part of their Outreach Programs since the beginning. The program is USDA approved, and accessible when lunches are not available or can not be provided by the schools. 

In 2020, we started our lunch program early, and have had to change and develop given the CDC regulations that are currently in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19. We have several more routes this year, and have extended our Summer Lunch Program til the end of the year! 

You must be 1-18 years old to participate, this year we will not be doing congregate eating, instead each bag will contain 7 meals, and 7 snacks for each child to take home and have throughout the week. To make our sites work in coherence with the School Lunches that students enrolled recieve, we will be giving out snacks, and suppers/hot meals to the youth in our community! 

This will help us serve the ages 1-5 that would otherwise not get meals, and the homeschooled kids as well.  

Typically we serve 20,000-20,500 lunches, this year we have already served over 40,000 meals and snacks.

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