Education Services
Afterschool Clubs

The IYS Afterschool Programs run once a week during the school year and is available for middle school and high school aged students. Both clubs are always accepting new students! Get signed up by clicking the link here

Culinary Club: The Culinary Club is designed to teach students the skills of becoming a novice chef. Students will cook and bake meals for the youth housing programs, and learn their way around a kitchen. The Culinary Club runs on Wednesdays from 4PM-7PM until June at 1011 Main Street.

Conservation Club: The Conservation Club gets students actively engaging with the IYS Work2Learn program during the school year. Youth will get to learn workforce ettiquette that can be a lead in to future jobs in conservation. In this program, students will get to explore the great outdoors, learn to use tools, and build job skills not taught in a normal brick and mortar classroom. The Conservation Club runs on Wednesdays from 4PM-7PM until June at 601 East Main Street.

McKinney-Vento Services

Integral Youth Services has partnered with Klamath Falls City and County School Districts to identify students living in transitional situations not deemed appropriate for night time residency. We also work to engage in the homeless communities, and post in public areas to help gain awareness of this program in hopes that these youth will participate.

The McKinney-Vento Act was created as a way to ensure all children are given equal opportunity to a fair and just education.

The purpose of the IYS McKinney-Vento Program is to meet the needs of at risk youth and ensure equal access for all students. IYS accomplishes this goal in the following ways:

  • Enrolling in school
  • Providing Personal Hygiene Items as available
  • Access to our Clothing Closet
  • Access to school liaisons which can help arrange transportation and help with school fees
  • Refer Students and Parents to resources in the community for counseling, medical/dental care, food, housing
  • Help families navigate how to access community resources such as filing out applications and following up with appointments.

Liaisons are trained to visit schools regularly, monitor attendance, and help advocate for kids with excessive missed days. The students and their parents work with the Liaisons on a regular basis to ensure that all needs are met and that all kids are taken care of. The goal of this program, and of the Liaisons is to ensure equal opportunity, and IYS wants to see the kids of the program succeed. 

Eligibility criteria for assistance includes all public school students, preschool through 12th grade, who meet the definition of living in inadequate, temporary, or not fixed housing, established by the McKinney-Vento Act, the primary federal funding under of this program. Students or their parents sign a release of confidentiality agreement between IYS and the City or County School Districts. This permits IYS staff to serve as an advocate for students in the school system.