offering HOPE to youth, providing for their needs and mentoring toward positive choices and healthy relationships
Outreach Programs
Increasing Community Engagement

Integral Youth Services designed their outreach programs in a way to not only engage in the community and help those in need, but to also provide youth access to resources they may not have otherwise. These programs help provide resources that youth may need in order to live such as access to food, short term shelter, and clothing, and education resources. 

IYS believes in serving youth with compassion and encouragement. IYS also believes in providing opportunities, structure, and accountability, in order to help the youth understand responsibility. 

The philosophies that Integral Youth Services has built it’s foundation on enables them to be able to nurture the youth, and help them reach their fullest potential.

These programs do rely heavily the support of our community. If you or someone you know may be interested in volunteering in these programs, call us at (541)882-2053.

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Outreach Programs
Life Skills Programs
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