Give Back with Feedback

IYS is excited to announce a fundraiser that doesn’t require you to spend any of your own money! How does it work? By filling out surveys! We’re running a 30-day campaign with HundredX Causes to bring you a way to create funding for Integral Youth Services without spending a cent. IYS is also incentivizing this opportunity, by giving anyone who fills out all 75 surveys a Dutch Bros Gift Card, and a sign off on 20 hours of community service.  
This month, each time you share a quality brand opinion with HundredX, up to $2 goes towards Integral Youth Services! You can personally create up to $150 of value (by giving 75 pieces of feedback).*
Learn more about how you use your opinions to give without spending by clicking the button below.
Get Started!
You can also access the link here
P.S. When you join the campaign, your personal information is not sold or shared to any third parties. During the campaign, you will receive reminders from HundredX to submit feedback for our organization. You may opt out at any time.