115 North 10th Street, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601


The Summer Youth Employment program offers youth ages 14-21 paid employment for 8 week projects in the summer. This employment provides youth the opportunity to experience the hiring process and to learn job skills that will help them in the future, including:
Completing the job application
Preparing for and completing the interview process
Critique of application/interview skills
Hiring process and orientation
Learning safety rules and best practices
Time card management
Gaining the skills for their specific position
Learning what tools to use for the job
Learning proper care and maintenance of all the equipment being used, including the vehicles
Final evaluation on job performance
All of these steps have many nuances such as, during the hiring process making sure the youth have the correct ID and complete the W-4 as well as all the hiring paper work that is required. The youth also gain work ethics such as arriving at work on time, good teamwork, following directions, and doing the best they can with what the job requires.
The program currently runs 3 crews and IYS would like to add at least 1-2 more crews in the future. Crews consist of 4-5 team members and one crew leader. Our crew leaders experience extensive training through the Oregon Youth Conservation Corp (OYCC) training camps. They are also trained in CPR and First Aid, and work closely with community partners who provide the projects. Some of the community partners we currently work with are:
Klamath City Water Department
Klamath County Watershed Council
Bureau of Land Management
Klamath County Code Enforcement
Fremont/Winema Forest Service
Oregon Youth Conservation Corp

The various projects these community partners provide for the youth include:
Water storage grounds weed abatement
Buck and Pole fence building
Trail building & maintenance
Noxious weed abatement

The most rewarding part of this program is watching as the youth gain confidence, self-worth and dignity.